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Take control of your vision

Enhance your look with colored contact lenses that add a touch of style and transform your appearance.

Looking for high-quality contact lenses that provide clear vision and unmatched comfort? Look no further! Our online store offers a wide range of contact lenses designed to meet your vision needs. With our selection of top brands and advanced technology, you can experience optimal visual clarity and all-day comfort.

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Say goodbye to the hassle of glasses

Embrace the convenience and versatility of contact lenses. Shop now and discover why our contact lenses have garnered rave reviews for their exceptional quality, comfort, and affordability.



I have been going to Eye Care Optics for over 10 years. As I am getting older I find that I need to have exams every couple of years to keep up with my vision issues.Henry is the man!

I broke my frames by running into a 4x6x16 Douglas Fir piece of wood.

I called Henry and he asked me to come in. He had my old lenses in new frame in 15 minutes.

He is currently having eye exams for $59.00. He also has frames that start at $59.00.

The eye exams are on the premises and appointments are recommended.

I highly recommend Eye Care Optics for any of your eye glass and contact needs.

Nick Mendoza
Los Angeles, CA

This is the best pair of reading glasses I have had in a dozen years. Dr. Yesayan took the time to get my prescription right. The glasses were made on the spot in a few hours... and for a very reasonable price. I am a very happy patient.

Stu Schreib
Los Angeles, CA

Dr Lilit gave me a very thorough eye exam. Being a cash patient, this is very important because i can afford one really good pair of glasses, I need to make sure they are perfect the first time. Very professional and clean office setting. The price for a cash visit is very competitive, and I can't see myself going anywhere else. Appointment availability was super easy, and it's not one of those big corporate companies, so when you call, you talk to people, not a recording. The people here are very kind, I found out this is a family owned business since 1965. I love to support my neighbors, especially when they treat you like one. 10 stars all day long.

Kevin Carter
Burbank, CA

My husband and I went together ! We were first time customers and were treated as if we’d been going for years! Henry was patient, helpful , knowledgeable , and never pushed us into making a quick decision.
He was very professional and they had a very good choice of frames to choose from! The shop was intimate and we had personal attention. They certainly knew their business and.....
We will certainly be going back !
Our Eye Dr. recommended Eye Optics to us, and we are very grateful!
Murphy snd Ed Romano

Murphy Romano
Los Angeles, CA

I accidentally fell asleep with my glasses on, and bent them pretty badly. I walked into Eye Car-Optics without an appointment for the first time, curious whether they could be straightened

With a pair of pliers, they had them straightened out in a matter of minutes! When I asked how much I owed, they said on the house!
They had an extensive selection of frames, and it will definitely be the first place I visit when I need new glasses

Devon Dubost
Los Angeles, CA

Oh, how I miss these guys.

My last decent pair of glasses were made here, when I was in town in 2016. Dropped in and had one of those 'moments,' when a perfectly trained and friendly staff makes a perfect product. And completed in time, in a rush, so that I could pick up the new glasses and fly to my new home in Washington state.

The frames were so nice in fact, a tenant of mine stole them.Worse, here in the Northwest, four different optometrists have subsequently screwed up my progressives four different times. If the last chance company in Vancouver, WA. doesn't finally make a decent pair of Varilux progressives I'm going to - no joke - hop a plane and have them made by Eye-Care Optics. The buck REALLY stops here! Tremendous.

I left my optical heart in Burbank...

Los Angeles, CA

Dropped by to get a repair done on a pair of glasses I'd broken that morning. They replaced the missing nose pad, tightened all the screws, cleaned the lenses and had me ready to go in under 5 minutes. Fast, friendly, and I was very happy with the price!

John M
Los Angeles, CA

I've been wearing contacts for many years so my range of experience with optometry and contacts fitting services is broad and rich.

There are 3 very important factors that contribute to my assessment whether I'll be back next year:
1. How fast they can fit me in on a moment's notice.
2. Adherence to the price advertised online or quoted on the phone. No surprises!
3. Trial pair of contacts in my prescription available (disregard the accusations of users complaining of never hearing about the trial period before prescription is finalized).

I've called about 8 places before I've settled on Eye Care-Optics. They were cheerful and extremely accommodating. They quoted a highly competitive and extremely reasonable price on the phone (which corresponded to what they advertised online) and they stack to it! (5 stars in my book).

Turned out I needed to add a 3rd prescription to my already supercharged double one. This was the reason I needed to see the optometrist so urgently. Clicked on the wrong bank account transferring funds on my phone.
After a quick and thorough exam Eye Care-Optics specialist had suggested a few options including a new generation of multi-focal contacts that combined toric contacts (distance with astigmatism) and farsightedness (reading glasses). I agreed to try this novelty out and they outfitted me with the pair that had the closest numbers to my prescription and off I went.
They've called me after a week to check on me and see whether the triple thing worked for me and when I complained that the distance strength wasn't sufficient (reminder: trial pair, NOT my prescription) the contacts specialist asked me to drop by ASAP for another trial pair as they just received a batch with the higher strength.
I usually purchase contacts online, so I can't reference this part but I will definitely go back for all my vision related needs.

Highly recommend!

NOTE to the fellow contacts-wearing-superheroes not familiar with the way contact lenses are prescribed in the US: will need a local optometrist's prescription which is only valid for a year (yes, doctors eat every day, just like you).
2. No optometrists will give you a prescription without a trial grace period (usually 2 weeks) of your wearing a complimentary pair of contacts in your current/newly prescribed strength. Explanation: in the US litigation nation doctors are under constant threat of lawsuits, so the trial period will come in handy in their defense if you decide to squeeze them for some dough for allegedly ruining your laser eyesight with their shubby contacts.
In addition when you try out a brand new kind of contacts, you need this trial pair of contacts before you order a whole batch.

Julia Angel
Glendale, CA

Being recommended about this place was the best. Affordable glasses and great customer service. I really am excited to see my new pair of glasses tomorrow and coming back here in the future.

Mario Del Rio
Los Angeles, CA